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Introducing Blue Eye Mykonos
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Blue Eye Mykonos proudly extends an invitation to experience the essence of the island, sharing its cosmopolitan Myconian-inspired retreats thoughtfully crafted through collaboration with the most distinguished artisans and luxury brands. Discover a world where the magic of Mykonos comes to life in every detail, where the spirit of the island embraces you in a luxurious embrace. Welcome to a destination where style and sophistication meet the tranquility of the Aegean, creating an unparalleled retreat for your indulgence.



The Grand Villa

On Mykonos Island, in Agia Anna within Kalafatis, this splendid villa, just 50 meters from the shore, blends opulence, serenity, and Mediterranean charm. With captivating architecture, Aegean Sea vistas, and luxurious amenities, it epitomizes the essence of a Greek island paradise.

The Meaning Of Blue Eye

The Blue Eye, or “Evil Eye” in Greek culture, is a potent symbol rooted in folklore, providing protection from negativity and envy. Greeks view it as a shield against harm caused by jealousy, emphasizing the importance of guarding against negativity and embracing positive energy in their traditions.

The Events

Blue Eye Mykonos stands as your premier destination for hosting events .Unleash your creativity, and allow our team of experts to meticulously craft the perfect scenario for an unforgettable experience.